[Allstar Digital] dmrgateway and dv3000 problem

Robert Newberry N1XBM at amsat.org
Fri Sep 9 09:01:56 EDT 2016

I am just posting a request for anyone's observations/help on dmrgatewway
and the DV3000. I am having two issues, one of them I have been told is a
known bug, the second appears to be something I am doing wrong. I may post
over on the K0USYlink group to maybe catch people I'm missing.

I will briefly explain my setup.

Two XPR8400 repeaters. Site one has repeater and DMRlink along with DV3000
all co-located on the same LAN. Second site(repeater) peers to a master
setup in DMRlink at site one. Both of these sites fucntion as they should
using DMR. Problem is the "remote" site can communicate ASL<->DMR just
fine. The site with all of my co-located equipment can only communicate
ASL->DMR. DMR->ASL the audio on the analog side is slow and slurred.

I posted hopefully all of the files you should need to view.


You do not need an account to look at them. I am hoping there are other
people doing the same or similar thing and we can get together and compare
notes. I am doing my best to post config files and trying to share what I
am doing so other people can share their experiences too to help the

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Paratus Communicare
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