[Allstar Digital] XCode-3006 Redux

John D. Hays john at hays.org
Fri Jan 19 13:29:35 EST 2018

*XCode-3006 Redux*

We were hopeful to have the Kickstarter
produce enough response to deliver the XCode-3006 at a bit of a discount to
enable delivery at a favorable price point.  Our target was 50 units, or
the equivalent in support pledges, but we fell short.

However, we were encouraged by the 29 individual pledges that wanted to
obtain the XCode-3006 and have had some folks ask if there is another way
to get the production done.

We have had the house elves running over the numbers and we can do a run if
we get at least 25 firm, pre-paid orders, by February 15th.  If you place a
firm, pre-paid order, and we do not meet the minimum of 25 orders, we will
refund your order.

If this minimum order quantity is met by the February 15th, then we
anticipate shipment by mid-April -- baring any unforeseen delays.

When doing a shorter run the cost of parts and manufacturing go up. For
example our cost for assembly through the contract assembly house goes up
an additional 61% alone.

Luc informs us that the 2 prototype boards took 8 hours to build using hand
assembly, our assembly house has a full SMD assembly and test facility.

*Here is the offer*

We have added the XCode-3006 for purchase through
<http://nwdigitalradio.com/product/xc-3006/>* at $480/unit plus shipping
and sales tax (Tax is collected for orders delivered in Washington State

*Everyone who pledged at the  $360 or $400 levels via the Kickstarter
should have received a discount coupon via email*  -- it doesn't match the
Kickstarter pledge price, but does bring the price down in consideration of
their early support.

If you signed up for the Kickstarter at the $360 or $400 level and have not
received a coupon, contact sales at nwdigitalradio.com

No additional coupons will be issued, however if you wish to buy a quantity
of 5 or more units, contact sales for quantity pricing.

After the first batch, we will consider future runs, again as pre-paid,
firm, orders within a set timeframe, if there is sufficient interest.

NW Digital Radio is manufacturing the hardware and will support that
hardware under our warranty <http://nwdigitalradio.com/warranty/>.
Software and configuration support will come from the XLX group and other
software developers.


John D. Hays
NW Digital Radio

   <http://k7ve.org/blog>  <http://twitter.com/#!/john_hays>
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