[Allstar Digital] [App_rpt-users] My role with AllStarLink

Kevin Custer kuggie at kuggie.com
Thu May 31 19:15:56 EDT 2018

As Steve has indicated, AllStarLink Inc. will continue to keep people 
informed, and be as transparent as humanly possible.  Steve wanted to 
make this matter public in his own words, and is why AllStarLink, Inc. 
didn't do or say anything before that was accomplished.

 From a public standpoint, I'd like to thank Steve for accomplishing his 
goals of making AllStarLink a viable and stable project.  As Steve has 
said, this is a positive step in the evolution of AllStarLink.

Thanks again Steve (and Mike) for all of your hard work up to this 
point, and beyond!

Kevin - W3KKC

On 5/31/2018 10:02 AM, Steve Zingman wrote:
> I would like to let everybody know there has been a change in the 
> board of directors and leadership of AllStarLink. I have resigned from 
> the board and as President of the organization. I am working with the 
> board to transfer all of my responsibilities to others. I expect more 
> information about the membership of the board will come from them.
> When Jim passed away, I was asked to step in and make sure AllStarLink 
> continued. In fact, my goal was simple, AllStarLink should survive any 
> single person. No matter who comes and goes, AllStarLink continues to 
> move forward. We formed a Not for Profit corporation, setup a board of 
> directors etc. Kevin, Bryan and Tim stepped up and filled out the 
> board. All three have done quite a few very important tasks that got 
> us on our feet. We moved the source code to GitHub where everybody 
> could see the code and contribute. We made sure the DNS was solid and 
> correct. The servers were backed up. An inventory of servers and 
> application was built so that we could recover. You can't fix 
> something if you don't know it exists and where it is. All in all 
> lot's of work was done behind the scenes. There is still a great deal 
> of thing to be done. We have teams for the infrastructure, development 
> and administration. All the teams need people willing to put in the 
> hard work of running what amounts to a enterprise. If you can help, 
> step up!
> I am not falling off the edge of the earth, I have quite a few 
> projects going. I will continue to contribute in my own way to 
> AllStarLink, just not in a daily active role. This is a positive step. 
> AllStarLink will continue to innovate.
> 73, Steve N4IRS

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