[App_rpt] Configuration Hints for Multiple Radios on 1 node

Steven Henke sph at xelatec.com
Mon Dec 4 21:51:59 EST 2006


Just shouting out for some configuration help. My system was up and
running with one simplex radio and I added another ARIB and a repeater
over the weekend.

I can set up a configuration that works for either the repeater or for the
simplex radio but not both.

Also I'd like to be able to use the iaxRpt client to connect to either or
of the radio's.

I've got a club demo to do so any hints or help would be appreciated.

I'd be glad to call anyone back who can help.

Steve Henke, W9SH
Allstar Link Node 2057 (which is down for local testing and development)

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