[App_rpt] Interface a CAT200B controller to the ARIB

Gary gary at tcomeng.com
Mon Dec 4 22:02:53 EST 2006

This is fairly straight forward.

Connect the ARIB PTT to the COR input of your controller.
Connect the Controller PTT to the COR input of the controller.
Connect the ARIB TX audio to the RX audio of the controller.
Connect the Controler TX audio to the RX audio input to the ARIB.


Will wrote:
> Hello to the group,
> Is there anybody in the group have interfaced the ARIB to a controller?  
> I have a CAT200B+RLS1000B, which is a 4 port repeater controller with 1  
> repeater and 4 link ports. I am wondering is it possible  to interface 
> the ARIB to the repeater port and have ARIB talk to the link ports.  The 
> link ports will be 2 meters, an IRLP node and a toss up between a 220 or 
> a 440 rig. this will also link up to a 440 repeater on hill top here in 
> the city.
> If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. I do have a wiring 
> diagram that I will share if you would like to see what I have 
> attempted.  Thanks
> Will / W4WWM
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