[App_rpt] app-rpt W9SH Update Much Progress

Gary gary at tcomeng.com
Mon Dec 4 23:38:00 EST 2006

Look under the [repeater-commands] for cop,6 that defines the keyup dtmf command from the phone. It 
is usually set to 0 which means *0 for keyup and a # unkeys.


Steven Henke wrote:
> Hello Group,
> Well I've got both the repeater and the simplex radios simultaneously
> accessible via iaxRpt. Very neat! It took separate stanzas for both
> devices of course.
> It takes a while to get the concepts and syntax down for this system but
> hopefully I keep ramping up the learning curve.
> Now on to interconnect to the repeater as an extension.
> I wonder what will happen when I dial into the simplex radio?  Will the Tx
> just stay up? VOX? # up, * down?
> More Later,
> Steve Henke, W9SH
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