[App_rpt] Asterisk controller to a CAT Controller(full duplex)

Gary gary at tcomeng.com
Wed Dec 6 00:39:22 EST 2006

The same connections shuold be made to either a link port or a repeater port.

Set the node definition to:

duplex = 0

which is, no repeat - links only, and it should work.

I have an IRLP node connected this way and it works great.


Will wrote:
> Gary,
>  Thanks for responding, I am trying to wire to the repeater port of the 
> Cat Controller and not to the link port of the Cat controller.  I do 
> know that your first explanation will work, I've had it working. But 
> will work only from the link port of the Cat Controller. I'm  asking is 
> it possible to make it work from the repeater port (Full duplex) to 
> Asterisk Controller (full duplex)?
> Thanks
> Will / W4WWM
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