[App_rpt] Asterisk Controller and the CAT Controller

Will Wright w4wwm at knology.net
Thu Dec 7 01:10:56 EST 2006

Thanks Jim and Gary,

I did leave the switch in the 4 wire position and it is now working.
Just have some issues with DTMF tones at the right levels (I think).  I
can DTMF in from the repeater and get the Asterisk Controller (ARIB) to
respond on the time, the version and the repeat only audio. But cannot
connect to a few nodes that I have connected to before. Oh maybe my IP
some how is at fault. Hmmmmm, Maybe my DTMF levels at this location on
the controllers are to low. Also, I can not hear my call sign when it is
announce, but I do see it on the CLI when announce. Anyone have any
ideas? Anyway, thanks again  for responding and Jim I hope you are
feeling better.

Will / W4WWM

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