[App_rpt] DTMF tones not passing to connec to oether nodes

Will w4wwm at knology.net
Thu Dec 7 22:12:03 EST 2006

Gary or Jim,

I see back in October there was a discussion about passing dtmf tones 
and the use of the command line mode.

I'm wondering would that be the issue here?   As you know, I have the 
asterisk Controller setup on the repeater port controller B. My repeater 
(uhf) is on controller A, repeater port 2. On the third port it is 
bridge or hardwired to Controller B link port. I can send tones over 
from the controller A and get the asterisk node to respond to command 
such as *7, *81, and *82, but cannot get the dtmf tones to respond to 
distant nodes. Could this be the same case where I would have to use the 
command line mode to pass the dtmf tones through? If so what or how I 
could execute this command? or tell me where I can read about it more in 
depth.  Thanks

Will / W4WWM

Will / W4WWM

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