[App_rpt] Asterick controller to a CAT controller

Will w4wwm at knology.net
Fri Dec 8 03:51:48 EST 2006

 >>Are you are trying to send DTMF from the asterisk system to the 
Controller B?

Yes,  I need to send DTFM  to controller B.  Asterisk is on controller B 
wired the repeater port as of the few last e-mail post.  On controller B 
there are 3 link ports, port 1 is 2 meters, port 2 is IRLP(node4516) and 
port 3 is the half duplex link (hard wired} to Controller A.  If 
possible I would like Asterisk to send DTMF to control the links.  I 
would also have the IRLP program to send DTMF tones back to Asterisk for 
linkup to any Asterisk nodes, via from Controller A

Controller A is bridged or Hardwired by way of port 3 to Controller B 
port 3. One side of my controls will be coming from Controller A to 
Controller B and the other from B to C

 Anyway if you like you can give me a call on my IRLP node 4516 any 
time. Thanks

Will / W4wwm

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