[App_rpt] Alien Interfaces

Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 9 08:17:30 EST 2006

no. you set up your alien system in whatever normal manner those types of 
get set up in. if it has node numbers, then set them up, if not, then it 

the app_rpt node numbers only have to do with app_rpt. So you assign a node 
to your gaeway node (the one thats hooked up to the ailen system). Then, the 
system, as a whole, will be known to the app_rpt systems as the node number 
you assign
to the gateway.

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>Hello Jim,
>I must say the information is good but I'm still not sure If I
>understand all of it.  So, here's my crack at it's working.  The
>controllers are alien to app_rpt, this I thought was real neat and did
>have me chuckling a bit hi hi.
>Controller A, B or C better know as alien interfaces that should be
>given a node number? If so, do I assign them just for the local system?
>Or is it assign by the Allstar Linking System?
>I will then set up a stanza in rpt.conf defining the node such as:
>Would I establish another stanza and node number for controller B, and C
>(Alien interfaces) hi hi
>How would the command mode be entered or define? Is it *40 on all
>sysytem, I hope I'm not too far off on how this all work. But it look
>like I will need some help.
>Thanks Jim, you really did a great job on the paper. I just need more
>help to understand it. Thanks
>Will / W4WWM
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