[App_rpt] TDM400

Eric Tichansky eric at lylix.net
Fri Mar 3 00:40:59 EST 2006

I finally acquired all the RF components for my new 2M/440 crossband
repeater, using app_rpt of course!

Anyways, just wanted to get a better idea and perhaps more details
concerning the problems surrounding the use of the TDM400 series cards
with the Analog Radio Interface Board (ARIB).

It seems to work fine as long as the system is active.  Once idle for an
extended period of time, an almost certain segfault results.  Using the
safe_asterisk script to respawn asterisk after a crash works OK to
recover for continued RF communications, but is useless when an incoming
phone patch call triggers the segfault -- the call is dumped and just
simply annoying.

Just wondering what debugging has been done and conclusions as to what
aspect of the system seems to be the culprit (TDM 400 hardware,
Asterisk, app_rpt)?  Are there any other Zaptel compatible FXS cards
available for a modest price?

Eric Tichansky NI3S
eric at lylix.net


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