[App_rpt] Newbie question

Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 22 12:02:16 EST 2006

Off hand, I can think of a couple of things that make your situation 

First off, the entire asterisk program needs to have a compile time flag 
for the DTMF decoders to work properly. This needs to be done to the entire 
build of asterisk,
from the start.

Asterisk at home is not built with app_rpt enabled (at least as far as I am 

I have no idea of what version of asterisk comes with asterisk at home, but I 
can guarantee you
that its not nearly the recent one. Running the recent version of app_rpt is 
important, since
it usually has far more features then the ones included in releases. Also, 
the version of asterisk
may not be modern enough for the latest version of app_rpt. We keep in sync 
with the latest
version in SVN HEAD, so sometimes we find situations where the user needs to 
upgrade to SVN
HEAD before app_rpt is usable on their systems.

Other then these main issues, your config files need to be manually modified 
so that the stuff
to make app_rpt work is included. First of all, the port numbers will have 
to be changed. Whichever
card gets modprobed first will have the lowest port (channel) numbers. I 
suggest modprobing
the pciradio card last, so that your 'normal' telephony interfaces will 
start a port 1, and your
radio ones will start at like 5 or 25 or whatevers. Whatever the base may 
be, you need to
put entries in /etc/zqptel.conf, /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf, 
/etc/asterisk/extensions.conf, and change the port number in 
/etc/asterisk/rpt.conf. Dont
also forget to put a system id message in as 

The next question, of course, is what does the Asterisk at home config system 
do with manual
config file changes? Does it honor them, or does it poo right over them?

Jim Dixon, WB6NIL

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>I am a newcomer to the app_rpt world. I bought a pciradio board some time
>ago and now I´m starting with the documents to install a remote radio
>I´ve installed an Asterisk at home and got it running now. Now I see in the
>"how-to" doc some guides about installing asterisk and some files.
>My question is: is necessary to perform all the described steps or is all 
>it included in the asterisk at home distribution ?
>I´ve tried "modprobe zaptel", "modprobe pciradio" and returned no error, so
>I suppose only have to edit the conf files. Is this correct ?
>And another one: has anyone the conf files to support both phone lines
>(digium boards) and pciradio in the same machine ?
>Thanks for all your help.
>Greetings from Spain
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