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Steve Rodgers hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com
Sun May 14 00:12:11 EDT 2006

Error in the URL: should be www.zapatatelephony.org

Steve WA6ZFT

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Subject: [App_rpt] app_rpt.c test version 0-46-6
Date: Saturday 13 May 2006 21:08
From: Steve Rodgers <hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com>
To: app_rpt at lists.illiana.net

Well, I decided I didn't like the way the autopatch default overrides
(patchfarenddisconnect, patchnoct, patchdialtime) were implemented in
app_rpt.pre-0-46-4.c so I ripped them out and started over.

This method provides much more flexibility. Instead of specifying settings in
the node configuration block, you now override the defaults in the function
block for autopatch up. In other words, autopatchup can can optionally take
comma delimited setting=value pairs.

There are currently 5 setting=value pairs defined in app_rpt.pre-0-46-6.c:


Override default context with "string"


Specify the max number of milliseconds between phone number )


Automatically disconnect when called party hangs up


Don't send repeater courtesy tone during autopatch calls


Don't send dial tone, or connect messages. Do not send patch down message
 when called party hangs up

Example: 123=autopatchup,dialtime=20000,noct=1,farenddisconnect=1

The example will set a 20 second limit on dial time between phone number
digits, not send the courtesy tone during the time the patch is up, and
disconnect the patch if the called party hangs up.

By redoing this, we gain a whole bunch more flexibility because we can define
several different DTMF sequences for autopatchup which can direct the
autopatch to act differently. By defining 3 different patch up sequences, you
can now for example, have one for emergency numbers, one for normal numbers,
and one for system information messages. You can set the individual autopatch
up sequences to use different contexts which can then be added to

Note: I did not remove the autopatch up and down messages from the telemetry
block. These are still there so that you can override the default up and down

app_rpt.pre-0-46-6c can be downloaded from http://zapatatelephony.com using
the following URL:


Note:  are running asterisk or earlier, you will need to uncomment
 the #define for OLD_ASTERISK at the top of the file.

Steve WA6ZFT

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