[App_rpt] app_rpt setup and requirements.

Gary Young pcfrover at tcomeng.com
Mon Oct 9 12:03:40 EDT 2006

Is a 'Quad PCI card' required for Yaseu CAT control of a 787 or can one of
the standard PC serial ports be used?


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> As far as the CAT protocol goes, the ARIB board talks to the 
> "Packet Data 
> interface", the
> 6 pin connector (I believe), which has the Tx and Rx audio, 
> PTT and COR. The 
> CAT protocol
> goes through one of the serial ports on the PC. On the PCI 
> card, we talk to 
> the serial
> port (CAT port) directly also, all through 1 8 pin cable, 
> (which forks off 
> to 2 connectors
> one 6 pin and one 8 pin on the back of the Yaesu radio).
> Yes we fully support CAT in frequency/mode agile mode along 
> as well as the
> Doug Hall RBI-1 as well as the Kenwood TM-G707.
> As far as Digium cards supporting E&M goes, I really think 
> there is VERY 
> little need
> or desire for such things these days.  (Actually the FXS also 
> operates as a 
> like a DID trunk, which technially *is* a 2 wire loop-closure E&M 
> Interface).

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