[App_rpt] Setup the iaxrpt software radio base station

Will Wright w4wwm at knology.net
Sat Oct 21 16:16:33 EDT 2006


Yes sir, 

I followed the instructions to the tee and have set up the stanza in
both the extensions and the iax.conf script plus ran extensions reload.

Here's the CLI> No registration for peer 'gui' (from
	   CLI> Rejected connect attempt from, who was trying to
reach '2059@'.

On my LAN I have the app_rpt box at 192.168.103 and the running win2000

According to the first messages is that I'm not registered. But I have
place all the required information in the iaxrpt software. ie account =
2059, users = gui, host =  and the password and confirmed
password.  I wonder is the gui holding the information? 	 

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