[App_rpt] Passing DTMF?

Steve Rodgers hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com
Fri Oct 27 23:15:21 EDT 2006


We have some functionality for this when operating a node as a bridge to a 
legacy RF-linked system. (We do this on the Calnet node) 

There are settings to faclitate this in rpt.conf:


They're not documented in the rpt. conf file yet, so you'll have to look at 
the app_rpt.c source file to figure out how to use them. 

The problem comes when you want to pass * and #. Since these mean something to 
the app_rpt command decoder, they need to be escaped with a 2 digit sequence. 
When you enable command passthrough on a node acting as a bridge,  * 
traditionally becomes *7, and # becomes *0. This is true for all app_rpt 
commands directed at that node as well.  This is what the inxlat and outxlat 
are used for.


On Thursday 26 October 2006 18:55, Gary wrote:
> Is there a way to open up a Link Port or Remote Base port to pass DTMF
> Audio?
> Gary
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