[App_rpt] Asterisk-GSM

AL MUTAAHED Fadi shlagiateur at yahoo.fr
Wed Sep 20 09:32:56 EDT 2006

  within the framework of my project of diploma, I must realize a connection wireless between a GSM's mobile and asterisk via WLAN or Bluetooth...
  for this i must program the mobile so that it detects the Wlan or Blutooth network and to be recorded on asterisk to receive calls from asterisk and via wlan/bluetooth detected.
  Do you have an idea how I must proceed to achieve this goal? 
  can I realize this project with app_rpt?? 
  I found little inormations about Miax( Mobile iax).
  I think Miax must undoubtedly facilitate my project!!!
  Which are the necessary configurations (for asterisk) for a  wireless  connection between a gsm's mobile and Asterisk? 
  Thank you infinitely for your supports.
  My mail : shlagiateur at yahoo.fr

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