[App_rpt] EVB 0.011

David Powell-Williams dpowellwilliams at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 6 00:45:03 EST 2007


First, thank you for your quick reply.

I did another install from scratch using your link to get the bash script
evbphase2. I believe this was the same version that I had used initially.

However, I received many more Errors, Warnings and Notices than before,
including all the ones from my first attempt.

I have tried this installation on two computers but with exactly the same
results: Everything is fine and Asterisk runs until I execute evbphase2.
After it finishes, Asterisk starts but immediately exits with error return

A number of the Warnings are really puzzling, such as looking for the sound
module 'format_au.so' which clearly does not exist on disk. Is it possible
that you had some residual files on your system when you tested evbphase2?

I can send you the final lines from /var/log/asterisk/full or the death
messages from Asterisk if you would like to see them.

Do you see any advantage in trying EVB 010?

Looks like I may have to return to compiling everything from source onto
Debian :)

I would certainly appreciate any further thoughts.



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