[App_rpt] No DTMF control

Will Wright w4wwm at knology.net
Tue Jan 2 23:41:10 EST 2007


Thanks for responding, but I think this might be over my head now. 

I did check or enable debug level 7 and all I could understand there was
a WANRNING that stated file.c:587 ast_reaudio_callback: Failed to write

>>3) Checked you config file to make sure you have the prefix digit set.

Did you mean in the rpt.conf? Not sure if where to look for this check. 
Please tell me more about the prefix digit being set.  I'm trying to learn what I can.

All my dtmf processes worked well prior to connecting to one of the
nodes on the list. I simply parked the node in monitor mode and listen
for awhile then tried to disconnect, but it would not respond to the
disconnect dtmf sequence. So I rebooted the computer and thats when the
problems began. Thanks

Will / W4WWM

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