[App_rpt] No DTMF control

Will Wright w4wwm at knology.net
Wed Jan 3 01:05:03 EST 2007


This is really something new to me. I check my current rpt.conf and two
of my old simplex rpt.conf and the line you described was not there???
So, I wonder what was making it work before with out the line you
described? Strange, I must say, maybe there's more than one way to
program for prefix characters? or maybe I just don't have it defined. Ok
what section should I place this line below?

>>funcchar = *	;function lead-in character (defaults to '*')

What did happen here, I entered these parameters below in [2059]. Trying
to understand what Jim explained in a previous post, but I guest I miss
the boat on that too. 

Did you follow this? And where in rpt.conf does this info goes? I'm
still trying to understand how to talk to my alien controllers hi hi,
hard wired in the circuit with the Asterisk controller. 

Anyway back to the dtmf action. Once I took the info out below and
restarted the Asterisk computer, I regain the dtmf tones and the node is
now responding.  

propagate_dtmf = yes
linktolink = yes
inxlat = #543,#544,0123456789ABCD
outxlat = *7,*0,0123456789#ABCD

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