[App_rpt] what do I need to setup a node

Eric Fort eric.fort at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 23:49:16 EST 2007

Here's what I've collected so far to set up a node (maybe 2 if I can find
another site):

1 2.4Ghz P4 computer (maybe 2 or more) running linux.
3 Digium TDM400 cards populated with 5 FXO and 5 FXS interfaces
internet connectivity (dsl or T! at node sites and the colo facility I have
rackspace in if I need a reflector - need hosting?)
1 FT-817/FT-857/FT-897
pots connectivity at most locations.
VoIP account as necessary

I know I need a few arib boards but how do they compare to

What else do I need?

What could I put up?  the simplex vs duplex thing has me a bit confused.  my
experience with true duplex is in a linked system where if 2 people talk at
once you hear both and cross band monitoring of my own transmissions

I'd like to put up a HF/VHF/UHF remote, maybe 2 that can be configured to
linn between different bands and modes

a static way in by radio fixed frequency, maybe a repeater but I don't
expect great coverage in these locations (linking from them is possible

other things?

possible node locations include:

downtown Los Angeles Telecom hotel (difficult to attach radio ports here but
maybe a good place to interlink with IRLP/EchoLink/SkypeLink)

I'd like to get building soon.

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