[App_rpt] DTMF paging

f6hqz-m at hamwlan.net f6hqz-m at hamwlan.net
Sun May 13 12:27:18 EDT 2007

Hi the list,

I want to check if any of you have tempted to send DTMF pages through
Asterisk to a radio equiped of a DTMF decoder. The idea is to add a 3 DTMF
digits page to close all radio loudspeakers and 3 more DTMF digits to link
only one handy in the radio fleet, just after to have bridged a telephone
call to a repeater .

The "Dial" Asterisk command permits that for other channels than chan_rpt
but I don't see how to do that to the radio channel with the RPT command.

Any idea ?

Best 73's,
Francois BERGERET.

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