[App_rpt] Still Looking for help to get the anode backup and running

Stephen Rodgers hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com
Wed Oct 10 01:50:30 EDT 2007


See below


Will wrote:
> Steve, 
> I checked the cables by the pin outs of the writeup on the arib interface board and setup pdf and they check out ok. 
> I have the TX led off now,
> In zaptel.conf  I seen where 
> fxo=2  # RX pair
> fxo=1  # TX pair
> When I changed them around and the TX led went off. I can now give the commands on the CLI> such as rpt fun 2059 *7 or rpt fun 2059 *81 and get the time in your voice and the lady's generated voice, I can also get the version play back and some of the local playbacks.  But no connection to other nodes,  Yes , I do have UDP 4596 port forwarded

You probably don't have auto node update script installed, so you have
to manually specify the connections. You can try putting the following
line in [nodes] section:

2010=radio at,

This should allow you to connect to me if you have used the default
configuration files, and set the node number to 2059 in extensions.conf
and rpt.conf accordingly.

Before attempting to connect, please verify the following--

Your current ip address as known by Allstar link is:

If this is not correct, you need to make sure you have a dynamic DNS
update client running to update allstar to your new ip address ( I thenk
you mentioned your ISP uses dynamic IP addresses if I recall correctly),
and wait an hour or so for it to propagate.

> 99=cop,4  the reference tone has no play back audio nor does it keys the radio. 

There's no reason why this should not work, unless it is in the wrong
stanza. This is under the [functions] stanza and not the
[link-functions] stanza, correct?

Also recieving warning that file.c:1089 waitstream_core: Unexpected
control subclass '13'

The above warning can be sefely disregarded.

> Anyway, I think i'm getting close please advise. Thanks
> Will / W4WWM
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