[App_rpt] issue with hid interface in chan_usbradio

K3XH k3xh at embarqmail.com
Fri Oct 19 12:50:30 EDT 2007

Greetings everyone:

Was curious if anyone has run into an issue with the usbradio channel 
driver when running Asterisk under it's own user and group?

I have run up against what I think is a permissions issue of sorts.  I 
did have everything running briefly when Asterisk was set up to run 
under root access, but really want to avoid that if possible.

The chan_usbradio driver errors when claiming the (usb) hid interface 
from the kernel.  Apparently, it's getting an error at what would be 
line 791 in the chan_usbradio.c source code.  Which then results in a 
call to 'usb_detach_kernel_driver_np', on line 793, in an attempt to 
detach the kernel interface, where it ultimately fails.

I've tried a couple simple approaches to resolve this, like setting the 
dsp and usb device to have asterisk as their owner/group and also set 
permissions (with '666') for the devices.  I would look at modifiying 
udev.rules and PAM configurations, but at this point, I'm clueless as to 
  what is conflicting with the hid interface for the usb soundfob.  Whew!

Anyone have any suggestions?

Mike, K3XH

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