[App_rpt] issue with hid interface in chan_usbradio

Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 19 16:24:37 EDT 2007

well, to my knowledge you have to run asterisk as root. I never tested it 
any other way, and
I dont know of any other way of doing it.

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>Greetings everyone:
>Was curious if anyone has run into an issue with the usbradio channel
>driver when running Asterisk under it's own user and group?
>I have run up against what I think is a permissions issue of sorts.  I
>did have everything running briefly when Asterisk was set up to run
>under root access, but really want to avoid that if possible.
>The chan_usbradio driver errors when claiming the (usb) hid interface
>from the kernel.  Apparently, it's getting an error at what would be
>line 791 in the chan_usbradio.c source code.  Which then results in a
>call to 'usb_detach_kernel_driver_np', on line 793, in an attempt to
>detach the kernel interface, where it ultimately fails.
>I've tried a couple simple approaches to resolve this, like setting the
>dsp and usb device to have asterisk as their owner/group and also set
>permissions (with '666') for the devices.  I would look at modifiying
>udev.rules and PAM configurations, but at this point, I'm clueless as to
>   what is conflicting with the hid interface for the usb soundfob.  Whew!
>Anyone have any suggestions?
>Mike, K3XH
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