[App_rpt] issue with hid interface in chan_usbradio

Stephen Rodgers hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com
Mon Oct 22 22:56:43 EDT 2007


When might you have a radio interfaced? Do you need a node number
assigned for Allstar Link?

Steve, WA6ZFT

K3XH wrote:
> Steve / Jim Duuuude! ...
> Thanks for the reply...  Yeah, I've been running Asterisk under it's own
> userid/group on my other box, so I tried setting up the rpt box the same.
> But what I've finally found is...  that the Linux kernel claims hid 
> interfaces when devices are 'inserted' and then does not seem to readily 
> relinquish them to 'user-space' applications (???).
> There 'supposedly' is a means to indicate to the kernel to 'ignore' a
> particular class of device by rebuilding the kernel with a modified
> hid_blacklist struct (in source file
> '/usr/src/kernels/linux-' for
> kernel with the hex code of the vendor and deviceid to ignore.
>   I tried building the kernel in this fashion, but the issue remains...
>    Go figure...  So I decided to make my life easier and just run 
> Asterisk as root.  At least I now have the latest kernel running on my 
> box...
> Thanks... mike.
> ...app_rpt rocks....
> Jim Duuuude wrote:
>> well, to my knowledge you have to run asterisk as root. I never tested it 
>> any other way, and
>> I dont know of any other way of doing it.
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