[App_rpt] Small Problem with Wiring the connector for USB FOB!!

Roger F. Jordan w4rfj at arrl.net
Mon Oct 29 22:04:23 EDT 2007

Hi everyone...  I am in the process of setting up the CM-108 Sound FOB and
found a discrepancy between the directions and the schematic!

The directions say to connect the twisted connection of the 68K resister and
the 470K resister to the connectors Pin 3 and the open end of the 470K to
the white wire...   However the schematic shows the 470k going to pin 3 and
the 68K going to Pin 5 (ground) and the connection of both the resisters
going to the white wire...

Before I get this thing together and find it does not work... Can someone
tell me which is correct?

I have the hard stuff done... IE getting that dadgum resister connected to
the CM108 chip!! Heheh

Thanks in advance!
Roger W4RFJ

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