[App_rpt] tail messages not working

Mark Hagler markhagler at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 22:59:36 EDT 2007

Hello Everyone,

I received the Analog Interface board today in the mail (Steve must
have shipped it SUPER priority mail).   To play with the software
quickly I just connected it via two Yaesu FT-7800R mobile radios (via
the 6-pin DATA jacks) and it works very nicely.

One thing that I can't get to work right is tail messages.  I put this
in my config file:

tailmessagetime=2000                    ; Play a tail message every 5 mins
tailsquashedtime=1000                   ; If squashed by another user
tailmessages=tail1,tail2,tail3          ;list of messages to be played
for tail message

And I have recorded a sample audio file and copied it three times
(tail1.gsm, tail2.gsm, tail3.gsm).   It doesn't look like app_rpt is
even trying to play tail messages, as in I do not get any errors on
the Asterisk console about missing audio files.

Just for testing I set the value to 2 seconds to get it to try to play
the files but it's not.

Any thoughts?



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