[App_rpt] Questions

David Powell-Williams dpowellwilliams at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 9 13:50:39 EST 2008


I wonder if anyone can give me pointers on the following problem areas
encountered as I come up to speed.

Current installation (all compiled from source onto Debian Etch):

Asterisk SVN-branch-1.4-r93420M

app_rpt.c v. 0.86 12/05/07

chan_usbradio.c as at 20070918

xpmr.c as at 20070914


1. I regularly experience either one-way or no audio in connections to/from
the radio interface. This is true with iax-rpt or IAX soft clients, both
originating and terminating within my LAN or through a router from external
IPs.  The transmitter keying always works.

I often see one-way audio when making Asterisk IAX calls that do not involve
app-rpt.  I am aware of the SIP/RTP/NAT issues but I am referring only to
the IAX protocol. Any involved routers have 4569 forwarded correctly. There
are some comments on Asterisk sites that refer to this problem, possibly
limited to v. 1.4.x, but nothing definitive.  

2. There was a posting on this list that mentioned that both rpt.conf and
usbradio.conf should have the same 'duplex' parameter set (0 in my case). I
do not see 'duplex' in the example usbradio.conf file. Should 'duplex=0' be
set under [general] or [usb] in that file?

3. The autopatch 'on' code (*6) produces the following when dialed:

NOTICE[27546]: chan_usbradio.c:1774 usbradio_read: Got DTMF char *
NOTICE[27546]: chan_usbradio.c:1774 usbradio_read: Got DTMF char 6
ioctl(ZT_LOADZONE) failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device
WARNING[27900]: app_rpt.c:4452 rpt_call: Unable to set tone zone us
	Hungup 'Zap/pseudo-1547130459'
	Hungup 'Zap/pseudo-721434464'

Is the ioctl error an issue with the CM108 interface?

I have 'tonezone=us' set in rpt.conf under my node stanza. I did not see
this parameter shown in the distribution example rpt.conf file. Should the
tonezone be set elsewhere?

I have read through all archived postings, svn repos, and related websites
but cannot find answers to the above.  Any guidance would be truly

Allstar Link node number assignment is on request.

Finally, I notice that with discriminator audio fed to the CM108, (and the
radio tune parm's set) the DSP squelch is always very loose. DTMF is decoded
properly but CTCSS decoding does not work at all.  I have reverted to the
hardware COS option.



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