[App_rpt] Problem tuning USB Radio Interface

Jeff Lavoie wqex694 at wqex694.info
Thu Feb 14 04:09:29 EST 2008

I seem to have a problem tuning the USB radio interface.  Here'e what I 
get in the CLI.

*CLI> radio tune
Active radio interface is [usb]
Output A is currently set to composite.
Output B is currently set to voice.
Tx Voice Level currently set to 500
Tx Tone Level currently set to 200
Rx Squelch currently set to 500
Device String is 3-2
Usage: radio tune <function>
       rxsquelch [newsetting]
       txvoice [newsetting]
       txtone [newsetting]
       auxvoice [newsetting]
       save (settings to tuning file)
       load (tuning settings from EEPROM)

       All [newsetting]'s are values 0-999

*CLI> radio tune rxnoise
tune rxnoise maxtries=12, target=23000, tolerance=2000
tries=0, setting=2, meas=1
tries=1, setting=16, meas=1
tries=2, setting=16, meas=1
tries=3, setting=16, meas=1
tries=4, setting=16, meas=1
tries=5, setting=16, meas=1
tries=6, setting=16, meas=1
tries=7, setting=16, meas=1
tries=8, setting=16, meas=1
tries=9, setting=16, meas=1
tries=10, setting=16, meas=1
tries=11, setting=16, meas=1
DONE tries=12, setting=1000, meas=1

I know I have audio going into the device.  When I made the 
modifications to the usb device, I decided not to remove the audio 
output jack so that I may use it for testing purposes.  So I plugged 
some speakers in, went into alsamixer, un-muted the microphone, turned 
it up a little, and I had sound from the radio without any problems.  So 
why can't asterisk hear the sound when tuning?  Have I forgotten to do 
something else before trying this?


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