[App_rpt] Problem tuning USB Radio Interface

Don Russell w9drr at live.com
Fri Feb 15 12:05:53 EST 2008

The reason its not repeating is probably due to not decoding the PL due to improper levels, or its not set to use the COR/COS line. Maybe the logic is backward.
If its decoding dtmf so thats Good. I had to remove the voltage divider for my radio as some radios have
really strong disc. outputs others are more sedate. Measure the audio voltage, if its not way too hot,
then run it strait in the fob sans the divider.

Also make sure your audio going into the fob isn't squelched. One repeater I interfaced into the audio was still preemphasized and was squelched.
That made it fun for adjusting levels. (MSR2000). It was wired for an NHRC-2, so I changed the pinout of the 9pin to that spec, so the controllers
are interchangable. I am building a dtmf decoder for the control freq so I can s
On a side note, I'm still fighting a ground loop between the PC and the receiver. I have 60hz hum, only on the receiver, the transmitted audio is
fine. They are on the same outlet, I added a 1:1 audio balun on both the tx and rx audio lines. I ran a ground strap between the chassis of
the repeater, the PC, and the main ground bus. That all helped, but still hear the hum. I remove the usb interface connector and use
the backup controller (NHRC2), no hum. Weirdness....


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Jeff Lavoie
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>I seem to have a problem
tuning the USB radio interface.  Here'e what I get in the CLI.


>*CLI> radio tune

>Active radio interface
is [usb]

>Output A is currently
set to composite.

>Output B is currently
set to voice.

>Tx Voice Level currently
set to 500

>Tx Tone Level currently
set to 200

>Rx Squelch currently set
to 500

>Device String is 3-2

>Usage: radio tune




rxsquelch [newsetting]

txvoice [newsetting]

txtone [newsetting]

auxvoice [newsetting]

save (settings to tuning file)

load (tuning settings from EEPROM)


All [newsetting]'s are values 0-999


>*CLI> radio tune

>tune rxnoise maxtries=12,
target=23000, tolerance=2000 

>tries=0, setting=2,

>tries=1, setting=16,

>tries=2, setting=16,

>tries=3, setting=16,

>tries=4, setting=16,

>tries=5, setting=16,

>tries=6, setting=16,

>tries=7, setting=16, meas=1

>tries=8, setting=16,

>tries=9, setting=16,

>tries=10, setting=16,

>tries=11, setting=16,

>DONE tries=12,
setting=1000, meas=1









>I know I have audio
going into the device.  When I made the modifications to the usb device, I
decided not to remove the >audio output jack so that I may use it for
testing purposes.  So I plugged some speakers in, went into alsamixer, un->muted
the microphone, turned it up a little, and I had sound from the radio without
any problems.  So why can't asterisk >hear the sound when tuning? 
Have I forgotten to do something else before trying this?




Well I am getting the same thing except the Meas= is around
9-11 and the final Done line reads tries=12 setting=1000 measure=10


And I can’t get the usb fob to repeat!... however is
does decode DTMF in double… IE push the tone once and it shows up as
being decoded twice on the CLI…  I am thinking I need to reinstall
this EVB setup I have been trying to get working!


Anyone have any ideas??


Best Regards,


Roger W4RFJ

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