[App_rpt] Questions

David Powell-Williams dpowellwilliams at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 15 23:55:43 EST 2008


There have been lots of changes to chan_usbradio since September 2007  I
would suggest you do the following updates then report back on any
issues you still have:

1. Update asterisk and libpri zaptel to the latest stable "tarball"
releases mentioned on asterisk.org.

2. Grab the latest SVN of chan_usbradio.c and all the files in the xpmr
directory at:


3. Grab the latest SVN of app_rpt.c at:


4. Download the initial asterisk configuration files from;


There are 4 directories underneath the main directory inside this
tarball. There is one directory for each of the hardware platforms
supported. Use only the files in the usbradio directory and the top
level directory. Put all files in /etc/asterisk.

Steve WA6ZFT

I followed your suggestions and recompiled with:
Asterisk		1.4.18
Zaptel		1.4.8
Libpri		1.4.3

Chan_usbradio	SVN rev 391
App_rpt		SVN rev 416

Things are much improved, as you predicted. 

The one-way audio seems cured. I note that the audio levels through the USB
FOB interface came up by about 20 dB in each direction, requiring a
recalibration with radio tune. I also noticed that if Linux is rebooted with
the FOB installed, the 2.6.22 kernel grabs the FOB as its primary audio
device in preference to the normal sound card.  As we all know, Linux
reboots are a rarity but, unless one wants to play moh over the radio, it
seems best to plug the FOB in after Linux is up and before Asterisk is

If anyone else is recompiling Asterisk with chan_usbradio and app_rpt, I
have made up a cheat sheet that may be useful.  It can be obtained for the
price of an email.

Thanks very much for the pointers. I'll get my assigned node number plugged
in and look forwards to hearing you and the other Allstar Link members.


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