[App_rpt] distro preference?

Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
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I was under the impression that you wanted something that was not pre-canned. Steve's (W9SH) distro that uses EasyVoxBox on top of
Centos is a wonderful option if you want something quick and easy. It will make your radio stuff work very nicely. God help you though if
you want to use it as a phone switch also. It marrys you to using their very hard to follow gui poop for configuration, which I have a really
hard time following. Honestly, I have, several times, not been able to help people solve very simple telephony-related problems because that
whole gui thing made the config completely huge and impossible to follow (part of it was that I couldnt get to the gui, I only had ssh access).
This is just my personal opinion and experiences. Im sure that people that know the gui would completely disagree with me. Im not sure Id
blame them.

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Justy curious, why Fedora or Centos?  Is this just what you're most familiar with or do these (redhat derived) distros do something "better" than other distros that makes running */app_rpt easier to install, configure, and admin?  I will be putting this node in a completly mobile setting so I will need to get the box up and running with a existing distro and get networking functional via usb serial first (it's enough bandwith...I've connected to allstar link over iax on this interface before.)


On Feb 16, 2008 11:32 PM, Jim Duuuude <telesistant at hotmail.com> wrote:

personally, I like Fedora or Centos

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Subject: [App_rpt] distro preference? 

I'm putting app_rpt back up from scratch.
Is there a prefered distro to run it on?  I'm partial to debian because of it's package management and the ability to not have to install masses of unneeded additional bloat but I've also used RedHat derivitives such as OpenSuse, whitebox, centos, and fedora, along with Slackware, and linux from scratch.  If I'm going to be compiling everything from source though rather than installing packages which seems to be the case with app_rpt then what's the best choice?

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