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modifying a sound fob is a flaky unreliable (and in alot of cases for people unattainable because of the size what you have to solder) mess. Wires
fall off because there is no good way of attaching them reliably. I developed the software for this thing using those, and I cant tell you how nice
they were to have (although annoying  because of the numerous times a wire would break), but I am now OVERJOYED to have a real, physically
reliable device with real connections solderable by a real human being.

If a difference of $60 or so is in any way significant to you, then by all means modify the generic fobs. We went way out of our way to ensure
that the software/technology would work identically regardless of whether you bought a "real" one or modified a generic one. 

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Do they have the same schematic and same functionality once modified?


On Feb 19, 2008 8:31 PM, n4charlielimaalpha <n4charlielimaalpha at gmail.com> wrote:


Basically MONEY.  The USB sound fob is @ $7.50 and
the DMK is  $99.95.

That is pretty much it



Eric Fort wrote:
After looking at the info at http://app-rpt.qrvc.com/ it looks
like there are 2 ways to go for usb radio interfacing.  What is the
difference between the modified usb sound fob and the dmk engineering




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