[App_rpt] Workin out the bugs...

Roger F. Jordan Sr. w4rfj at comcast.net
Sat Feb 23 08:58:31 EST 2008

Hi everyone.


I have a couple of issues I am trying to resolve.


1. When I make an autopatch from the repeater to an existing SIP extension
on the system the repeater will not emit a ring sound. Everything else in
the Patch works great both directions except no ringing when I dial out from
the repeater.   


2. When I link from the repeater to the simplex radio (transceive) the
repeater stays in transmit mode.  This is not a big issue. because when I
link in (in monitor), the repeater seems to work ok.


Again,  I bow to the OGWO's (Oh Great Wise Ones) of the Asterisk and APP-RPT


Best Regards,


Roger F. Jordan W4RFJ

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