[App_rpt] Workin out the bugs...

Roger F. Jordan Sr. w4rfj at comcast.net
Sat Feb 23 22:06:27 EST 2008

Hi Steve,

I figured out the Constant Key issue (#2).  I am still working on the
ringing issue when dialing out...  When I dial out... using a SIP trunk to
lets say FWD. I do not get a ringing on the repeaters output...  I am not
sure how I would add ringing... However I will do some more research in my
Asterisk Manual.

The problem with the constant key was that the USB's Radio Tune RXSQUELCH on
the simplex radio was not properly adjusted...  once I did the appropriate
adjustments... the repeater now only keys when the simplex radio is
receiving (while they are linked). To give you a little bit of background, I
have an Intel MINI-ITX system I built from scratch...  I have installed
internally 2 USB FOBs. One is connected to a crossband repeater (rx 2mtrs,
tx 440) and the other fob is connected to a simplex radio. I am using the
easyvoxbox install that Steve w9sh shared with the group...  and except for
mostly my messups... the app-rpt realm has been a lot of fun!

I had better dig into my book... thanks for the quick reply!

Roger W4RFJ

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1. Have you tried inserting the ringing app in extensions.conf for the
SIP extension? The SIP extension may not be indicating ringing to the
channel used by app_rpt for the autopatch.

2. There is not be enough information here to suggest a solution. Are
the repeater and simplex nodes on the same machine? Are they both USB
fobs? What version of app_rpt is being run on both nodes? When in
transceive, what does the CLI command rpt stats XXXX print when XXXX is
the node number of the simplex node on the machine running the simplex

Roger F. Jordan Sr. wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I have a couple of issues I am trying to resolve.
> 1. When I make an autopatch from the repeater to an existing SIP extension
> on the system the repeater will not emit a ring sound. Everything else in
> the Patch works great both directions except no ringing when I dial out
> the repeater.   
> 2. When I link from the repeater to the simplex radio (transceive) the
> repeater stays in transmit mode.  This is not a big issue. because when I
> link in (in monitor), the repeater seems to work ok.
> Again,  I bow to the OGWO's (Oh Great Wise Ones) of the Asterisk and
> Kingdom! 
> Best Regards,
> Roger F. Jordan W4RFJ
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