[App_rpt] Effective bug reporting guidelines

Roger F. Jordan Sr. w4rfj at comcast.net
Sun Feb 24 13:42:31 EST 2008

Your right steve I blew it again... I am getting that info together now!


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Message to all users:

One or two sentences describing a bug is of little to no help. When
reporting a bug, please include as much data about it as you can
including but not limited to:

1. Hardware configuration used.
2. A complete detailed description of your issue. Including the a
sequence of events leading up to the issue.
3. Whether it is 100% repeatable or not.
4. Linux distribution and version
5. Version of asterisk.
6. Version of app_rpt.c
7. Outputs of log files or asterisk CLI console with verbose and debug
options enabled. There are two commands available from the CLI "rpt set
debug level X" and "core set verbose X" where 'X' is a number from  0-7.
Try enabling these two debug aids to see if any clues emerge on the console.

Be prepared to temporarily grant SSH root user access to your system in
some cases.

Finally, please limit your posts to one bug/issue per post.

We will be setting up a formal bug reporting system using Mantis in the
near future.


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