[App_rpt] Kenwood TM-271

David Powell-Williams dpowellwilliams at shaw.ca
Mon May 5 01:07:00 EDT 2008

Hello Group:

Anybody out there interfaced a TM-271 (or 471) as a remote base with

I had hoped that modern Kenwood mobile radios would share a common
programming protocol.  The app_rpt mentions the TM-G707 as an example of a
radio that can be used with the rpt.conf option 'remote=kenwood'.  However,
it does not work for me using the TM-271.

I built up a RS-232 to TTL interface which works fine with the Kenwood
programming software but not with app_rpt.  Recalling a memory channel or
setting a VFO frequency results in an 'invalid frequency' callout from

Looking through the app_rpt source function 'setkenwood', I see the string
'VMC 0,0' is sent to the radio initially.  When I monitor the serial data
from Asterisk to the radio, this string is sent but the radio's response is
'?' (0x3F).  One suspects this isn't the right answer.

Does anyone have experience or suggestions with the TM-217 on app_rpt?



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