[App_rpt] Kenwood TM-271

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I would be more then happy to sit down with you and your system on the other side of
a telephone conversation, and hack our way through it. When is good for you?


> Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 22:07:00 -0700
> From: dpowellwilliams at shaw.ca
> To: app_rpt at lists.illiana.net
> Subject: [App_rpt] Kenwood TM-271
> Hello Group:
> Anybody out there interfaced a TM-271 (or 471) as a remote base with
> app_rpt?
> I had hoped that modern Kenwood mobile radios would share a common
> programming protocol.  The app_rpt mentions the TM-G707 as an example of a
> radio that can be used with the rpt.conf option 'remote=kenwood'.  However,
> it does not work for me using the TM-271.
> I built up a RS-232 to TTL interface which works fine with the Kenwood
> programming software but not with app_rpt.  Recalling a memory channel or
> setting a VFO frequency results in an 'invalid frequency' callout from
> Asterisk.
> Looking through the app_rpt source function 'setkenwood', I see the string
> 'VMC 0,0' is sent to the radio initially.  When I monitor the serial data
> from Asterisk to the radio, this string is sent but the radio's response is
> '?' (0x3F).  One suspects this isn't the right answer.
> Does anyone have experience or suggestions with the TM-217 on app_rpt?
> 73,
> Dave
> VE7MQ.
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