[App_rpt] Voting receivers

Don Russell w9drr at live.com
Tue May 27 05:13:25 EDT 2008

While working with the weather receiver, I just thought about voting receivers.

Is there any logic with app_rpt to define fobs as separate receivers not having to "link" them in.
The fob I am using is hooked to a receiver only. Is there any way this can be done with making the controller 
go into "linked" state, when really its not linked to any external nodes. It is just connected local ones, that are never dropped. 
that is partially OK, but when you use the courtesy tones to determine linked/unlinked state they are useless because it

considers itself linked, when its not really linked to any external nodes. That also bring up "leaked" audio. If I am linked
to another system, my local weather receiver audio will leak out when it should stay local. How can I stop that?

That brings me to project #3
Voting separate fobs:  I am planning on adding in a separate rf linked receiver. 
Is there a way to define a fob as a "receiver" and another as a "transmitter".
Also is there any voting based on S/N possible? 
I want to do everything with asterisk, not external voters.


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