[App_rpt] No RX signal detected

John Yaldwyn jy at 4hf.net
Sat Oct 4 01:03:08 EDT 2008

Hi All,

This will no doubt be one of those blindly obvious problems but ....

I'm reasonably familiar with Asterisk in normal IAX/Sip type
environments.  I've just built my own repeater system basically using
ACID to get an idea of the technology.  I've removed the Allstar
registrations and reg script as it is a single node stand alone system
at the moment.

A lot works.  Morse ID, announcements, and audio (from dialing in on the
phone patch) are all transmitted.  However try as I might I can't get
audio from the receiver input to be passed to the transmitter or to a
phone extension and the TX is never keyed from the receiver.

The usbradio.conf file is set as I understand for carrier squelch:


The radio tune procedure worked pretty much OK (except Asterisk crashed
when I ran the radio tune txtone 0 command but all other radio tune
commands are fine).  DTMF digits are also all received and decoded OK as
reported by debug output but no audio to the phone line when the auto
patch is up.  When the patch is up the TX keys fine.

The squelch from the radio is recognized by the USB interface as I get
radiochan_usbradio NOTICES showing that rxcarrierdetect is following the
radio mute OK. But Rpt stats indicates signal on input = no and doesn't

The rpt.conf file is the example other than the node number and I've
also tried adding duplex=4 to the node context but this doesn't change

A possibly related question is the purpose of the [radio-secure] context
in extensions.conf.  What is its purpose and where is it referenced
from? I already have a context for incoming telephone calls to the
system ie 1234,1,Rpt,1234|D 

Suggestions appreciated!

Regards, John ZL4JY

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