[App_rpt] hardware choices

John Yaldwyn jy at 4hf.net
Sat Oct 4 04:29:17 EDT 2008

Hi Eric,
I'd suggest you consider the option of an upgrade to the PIII CPUs.
It's not too hard to find the PIII 1000MHz slot 1 units around, but
remember you'll need the 100MHz bus versions to suit your motherboard.
These babies run on 1.75V but most motherboards made for the 500MHz PIII
only went down to 1.8V.  I've an nice IBM Netfinity 5000 server running
here that I upgraded from dual 500MHz to dual 1000MHz CPUS running 50mV
hot without problems for more than 3 years. YMMV.

Is it worth doing?  Kinda depends on the qualtity of your hardware, if
they're not that well made then it might pay to look for something a bit
nnewer.  If you've got some nice server boxen then it can be worth
Cheers, John ZL4JY


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I have 2 identical dual p3-500 boxen on which to run centos/*/app_rpt.
Should I expect any problems running centos/*/app_rpt on these dual
processor boxen?  I'd expect one will support a quad radio port card and
a tdm-400 with 3 green modules (possibly an arib board using 2 of those)
and the other supporting a tdm400 card with 1 fxo and 1 fxs and sip
termination to the pstn.  this second box will also likely be the link
by wihch the first sees the rest of the world.  I do not forsee any
other services running on these boxen.  What can I expect from these as
far as performance?  what gotchas await me along the path to making this



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