[App_rpt] ACID install

Eric Fort eric.fort at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 17:07:58 EDT 2008

Though ACID has been referenced before on this list, I don't remember it
being defined (Allstar Centos Installation Disk).  I'd always thought of the
term in relation to databases.  Is this then the preferred method of setting
up a node?  When giving notice that a new version is available please link
to it:  http://dl.allstarlink.org/. (ok my mailer truncated this in the
original subject)  Finally how does ACID compare to Limey Linux?


On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 1:31 PM, Stephen Rodgers <
hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com> wrote:

> A new ACID version has been uploaded:
> 1. App_rpt version 0.151 supports chan_echolink and local messages
> 2. Screen program added
> 3. chan_echolink channel driver
> 4. Asterisk update script astupd.sh
> The current install iso has not been affected, but if you are in the
> middle of an install, it might be a good idea to start over as the
> scripts have changed.
> Steve
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