[App_rpt] Error on asterisk box

Jon Rorke jrorke at cogeco.ca
Tue Oct 7 08:37:36 EDT 2008

Hi All, I've been running a new node for week or so.
The Box seems to work fine for a few hours , then an error occurs and 
the box is extremely slow to respond and can't recover.
At this point it stops reporting too.

It he CLI prompt this is the error reported:

ERROR[5473]: chan_usbradio.c:1803 usbradio_read: HID process has died or 

The only way to get things going is to shut down the computer and 
reboot, then things are ok again
for a few more hours.

Any thoughts on what this might be?

Is it a hardware failure or software?

What I have done so far is to change the nic card - doesn't fix the problem.
Moved the usb fob from the USB 2.0 PCI card to an internal usb port on 
the mother board - no change.

Thinking of replacing hard drive and new fr4eash install with latest 

I'm not worried about this as its a new installation anyway. The box is 
a IBM P4 3Gig with 1 gig of mem.40 G drive.
It is a referb unit so its not new.



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