[App_rpt] New ACID version uploaded to dl.allstarlink.org

Stephen Rodgers hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com
Tue Oct 7 16:23:13 EDT 2008

Redhat kickstart doesn't allow for prompts as it was meant to do "canned
installs". I believe with investigation and experimentation on your part
it should be possible to use the vanilla centos 5.1 disks to manually
partition and install the base "text mode" only, then create the
acidrepo text file in /etc/rc.d with: http://dl.allstarlink.org on the
first line. You should then be able to download phase1.sh and run it in
/etc/rc.d just like the installer would.


Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) wrote:
> Stephen Rodgers wrote:
>> James,
>> A new ISO is not necessary, but all the scripts have drastically
>> changed! astupd.sh depends on astinstall.sh in /etc/rc.d, and phase2.sh
>> now calls astinstall.sh which is a common asterisk install script. There
>> is a change to phase1.sh to remember where the download repository is
>> located (acidrepo file), and everything keys off of this. So unless you
>> want to figure out all the details of how the scripts work, your better
>> off doing a fresh install! Just save all your conf files first so that
>> you can re-install them over the default files after you run setup.sh
>> and enable ssh access.
>> Steve.
> <-- Hi Steve; A suggestion for a future ISO; could you possibly prompt 
> for the size of the partition to be specified / increased at the time of 
> the installation? - I'm currently reading up on (learning about) mke2fs 
> as part of my backup and recovery scheme, so I guess this is another way 
> of increasing the partition size, but thought I'd add it to a lower 
> priority wish list.
> Cheers,
> Ramesh.
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