[App_rpt] need acid boot disk (floppy img)

John Yaldwyn jy at 4hf.net
Thu Oct 9 22:43:39 EDT 2008

Hi Eric,
I posted about CPU upgrade for your system there's a good page here that
migh be of interest:
Re the boot problem, lots of people have this with older machines.
The first step is to make certain the CDROM drive is attached to a
motherboard IDE header and not an add in card.
Try putting the CDROM as the slave on primary IDE channel.  Then set the
BIOS to boot first floppy, then CDROM, then HDD.

If all that looks good, can you boot any other bootable CDs like and old
Win95, Win2K, etc, install CD that you migh have handy?



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I'd like to install ACID on a asus P2B-D dual P3 system I have.
unfortunately it will not boot from cd so I need to use a boot floppy.
What would you suggest for a boot image that I can rawwite to a 1.44M
floppy and bootstrap the cd?



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