[App_rpt] ACID update procedure to install latest version ofAsterisk

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I don't know if I asked.this or.not, but what will this upgrade procedures do to us that are also running chan_irlp?

Jim / K6JWN

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A later version of asterisk is available for ACID installs.

These upgrade instructions must be followed to the letter.

1. Change directories to /root

2. If you don't have an astupd.sh file STOP. Your ACID install is too
old and you will need to do a fresh install which will install the
latest version automatically. If you have to re-install, make a backup
of your config files in  /etc/asterisk so that you can restore them to
the new install.

3. If you have an astupd.sh file, you will need to update it by
downloading a new version. Use the following wget command from the /root
directory to do this:

wget http://dl.allstarlink.org/installcd/astupd.sh

4. Once the new script is downloaded, type:


5. Your system will now be updated. Wait for the download and compile to

6. Reboot your system and check to see that your node is functioning


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