[App_rpt] irlp audio vs asterisk audio (channel drivers)

James Nessen nessenj at jimsoffice.org
Thu Oct 30 15:19:04 EDT 2008

I recently setup a node for a buddy of mine and we moved him to the channelized irlp and echolink installation.  He has recently received poor audio reports from the IRLP side of his node and we did a A/B test one night on his audio.

I found that his Asterisk audio is great, and is full of audio (our two nodes connected via uLaw).  leaving the volume on my HT, I disconnect from him via AllStar and then connect up to him via IRLP.  His audio on the IRLP side is about 10% lower than his level when were chatting via AllStar and also sounds muffled.  Has anyone else noticed this?  If so, is there a fix for it?


Jim / K6JWN
AllStar Nodes 2142 and 2165
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