[App_rpt-users] Location of source code for usbradio.c and xpmr bits please ?

Ralph A. Schmid, dk5ras ralph at radio-link.net
Thu Jul 2 04:48:16 EDT 2009

> Anyone had any success running ACID with a USB sound fob under
> virtualisation ? I know other asterisk distros had
> sound stability problems running virtualised?

This is what I am also interested in. I do not know very much about linux,
but at least I know how to use sudo and vi :-) My allstarlink installation
will have to run in a virtualisation on my windows 2000 server (the server
shows himself at http://dk5ras.dyndns.org/Server.jpg, the black box with
blue LED :-) - w2k ist mandatory due to other apps, and a second machine
would waste energy and produce heat.

Up to now I am just thorough the installation, it runs without any problems,
and the USB audio device is recognized. When I have a free weekend with
rainy weather I will go on trying to hook the radio to the beast and try
configuring the basic features. First tasks will be to make allstarlink and
echolink work, then later maybe a phone patch...

Ralph, dk5ras.

CoWC is called "waf" here, "wife acceptance factor" *g* The shown
installation should not be increased...

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